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Score, a happening night club | Chandigarh

What you see - Score isn’t just a pub but a sports bar cum night club plus a discotheque and a lounge, all rolled into one. It has the perfect ambience and mood lighting for a lounge cum discotheque. The sound system is good and capable of compelling you to shake a leg. The dance floor and pub are separated. They feature 15 high definition television screens and a larger-than-life projection screen to make sure that you have the best of the time while you are in there. The pub in Chandigarh is neat, clean and the neon colors can make you go wild. Its bar has hanging mosaic lamps and miniature bats hand-signed by cricket greats.

What you get - A good company! Yeah, Score definitely scores high when it comes to the kind of people who visit the place. It is a highend place and definitely speaks of classy people. Score also houses a VVIP lounge.

Score's food menu is wide-ranging, and features Italian and Mexican cuisine. You have a variety of options when it comes to snacks and finger food. The dinner can be customized based on health food, for children or even for diabetic people. The bar is well stocked.

The couple entry is Rs.  1,500 after 11 PM. Score has a unique SMS scheme where people who get an SMS from the club can get free entry for a couple before 11 PM.  Stag entry is Rs. 1,000 while entry for girls is free. Score also boasts of having the only lady bouncer in Chandigarh named Amandeep. It has other bouncers as well making sure that tight security is provided to guests. This is especially because they usually host popular events where the crowd gets bigger and livelier.

Our verdict - Worth a visit! It’s a perfect place to party what with its great ambience and music. Their menu is good too and the cocktail section features ‘myths’ about cocktails, adding to the interest value. The place is clean and well-kept, including the wash rooms. Parking space is available.

Anytime between - 9 PM -2 AM

By Neha Chandok
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